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One of the main hotels we deal with are at the Vidanta Resort. Below is a layout of the most popular and affordable of the hotels.

 Mayan Palace This room can be divided in a couple ways. 1 as you see it in the image. Or 2 as half so the room plus the living room and kitchen. Or 3. as just the room with no kitchen. Each one will change the cost and the number of people allowed in the room.
Mayan Palace pools The pricing would be about as follows. ( All prices change without notice so we need to check on a regular basis.
Mayan Palace bar Room Cost is 500$ US as of last week. Plus 30 dollars per day per adult.  This room as pictured will take 6 to 8 people comfortably.  So a total rental for this would be.
Room fee: 500
Per Adult per night: 30$ pp/pn Total price for 1 week for 6 people would be : 1760$Or 294$ per person per week. This does NOT include food. This resort does not have an all inclusive package but we have access to others that do.

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